🧲 Magnet download links contain a ”Torrent” download. You’ll need the Utorrent program for this, which you can get from here. Once you click on the Magnet link, a popup will open, then click on: ‘Open Utorrent’ to start the download. Your Torrent download will now start downloading in the uTorrent program.

If for some reason nothing happens after you clicked the “Download Torrent” button, make sure Utorrent is opened or try using a different web browser and/or reinstall a different torrent client.

For more help regarding how to use the Utorrent program we advise you to search for it on the internet. There are a lot of tutorials out there. It’s a good download program and with the correct settings the download speed can be insanely fast.

For more help with downloading please refer to this How To Download section.